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Hannan Hannan Barristers offers Reasonable Fee Family Lawyer service for strong, dedicated representation on family matters that are most important and sensitive to you. From our office in Mississauga, we represent and help Greater Toronto area men and women who need legal guidance in family law procedures. We go to Milton, Brampton, Toronto and most other GTA Courts. We always offer flat fee rates for the target family lawyer service, freeing you from the uncertainty of hourly service.

We understand family disputes may be stressful, emotionally drenching. As hard and emotional such disputes can be, divorce or separation is a legal process, just as marriage is a legal contract. By leaving the legal matters of family law in the hands of a dedicated, well-rounded and resolute family lawyer and law firm, you can reduce your stress, and make your move for a fresh start....... legally.

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 WHY CHOOSE Hannan Hannan Barristers' FAMILY LAWYER in Mississauga?

Qualified Family Lawyer(s): We efficiently resolve disputes and rigorously protect your rights under the existing family law regime. See our LEGAL TEAM.

Reasonable Fees:
   Our dedicated approach aims to minimize your legal costs, and optimize the values you will gain. See our Fees section and call us for more information.

​We Do Not Compromise on Due-diligence in Negotiation, Contract Drafting and Litigation

Sound Legal Advice and Guidance: We provide you with advice and guidance on property division, child custody, spousal support, child support and more based on our experience, and/ or thorough professional legal research so you can make an informed choice on your family law matter.

Extensive Hours: After-hour appointments available.

Personal and Professional Service: Our professional Legal Team is friendly, courteous, and willing to take the time to address your concerns. We will be with you every critical step of the way that you need. We are easily reachable by phone or e-mail, and we will address your concerns as promptly as possible within the scope of our retainer.​​ 

Canadian Family Law v. Culture and Religion:

We Balance the Imbalance

We  understand that sometimes you may not be willing to go to the court at all. Sometimes, due to your cultural or religious values, it may be preferable to resolve your family disputes OUTSIDE OF COURT. However, you still may feel the need to frame those cultural and/or religious dispute resolution desires/mechanisms within the greater context of Canadian Family Law System as a whole.

We can help you compassionately in such situations, especially since we have a niche understanding of Islamic Family Principles, in addition to general empathy for conservative cultural norms of various religions and parts of the world.

We can help you in your delicate family matters in the context of Canadian Family Law Regime.

We are well-rounded, resolute to balance the imbalance in Family Law matters.

  • We Give Personalized NO-OBLIGATION Free Detailed Quote and Cost Picture.
  • NO-OBLIGATION  one-to-one discussion with our Family Lawyer in Mississauga for $50.00 

Talk with our Family Lawyer in Mississauga - Know your Rights, and make an informed choice when it comes to your Family and Assets


Hannan Hannan Barrisers' Family Lawyer in Mississauga can assist you in:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution outside of Court

  • Advice and Representation on Matrimonial Property Division

  • Advice and Representation on Spousal Support

  • Court Representations in Family Law Matters

  • Divorce Proceedings and Issues

  • Enforcement of Support Orders

  • Foreign Divorce Opinion Letters 

  • Preparation, Execution and Independent Legal Advice on Domestic Contracts

              --Separation Agreement
             --Marriage Contract / Pre-Nuptial 

       And More. 



Family Lawyer in Mississauga, Serving Greater Toronto: Fees Summary

We provide top service, and remain candid about our fees. 


Our Family Lawyer Fee Structure may be based on Flat Rates for Meeting a Goal. In this structure, you avoid uncertainty of hourly rates, and never worry about billable hours when you call us, email us or sit down with us one-to-one.


Sometimes you may prefer retaining us on an hourly rate basis, in which case we will charge hourly rates.

Both Flat fee and Hourly Rate fee structure has their pros and cons. Call us to discuss.


General Initial Consultation: $60.00 for 30-60 minutes initial consultation. You will get important guidelines on your family matter during this one-to-one no-obligation initial consultation with our lawyer. We understand the sensitivity of family law issues, and the consultation remains completely confidential. Talking with our lawyer may shed important light on your current situation, and can direct you to the right direction.

Research and Assessment of your Family Law Matter: We assess your case with thorough, professional and diligent legal research, and then provide you with our report and guidelines. Flat fee varies between $300 to $500 + HST, depending on the complexity of the matter.

Domestic Contract Preparation, Advice and Execution: Generally, Flat Fee of $950 + HST; Two of the most common types of domestic contracts include Marriage Contracts/ Pre-nuptial Agreements and Separation Agreements. 

Independent Legal Advice on Domestic Contracts, typically Marriage Contracts and/or Separation Agreements: Generally, flat fee of $500 + HST. CALL US TO GET A DETAILED QUOTE.

Uncontested Divorce: $750 + HST + Disbursements.

Court Work on Contested matters (i.e., if the two parties cannot agree on an issue): Flat fee rate is given based on an estimated complexity and works to be performed to meet a given goal. A new flat will be given for the next set of goal, if applicable.Or Hourly Rate. Call us to get details.


No-interest / zero interest monthly payment plan available.

Your First Step: Call to book a 30 - 60 minute no-obligation initial consultation for $60.00.

Divorce & Family Lawyer in Mississauga, Ontario